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Unlock a new era of cybersecurity vigilance
Lawmaker UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
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DaaS UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
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Lawmaker UI/UX Improvements & Device Health Copy
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Lawmaker UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
DaaS UI/UX Improvements & Device Health
Lawmaker UI/UX Improvements & Device Health Copy
The most advanced SaaS platform for Suricata IDS management offers multi-tenancy, sophisticated role-based access control (RBAC), comprehensive device health monitoring, streamlined signature development assistance and out of the box support for all standard Suricata deployments.

Make network security easy and scalable

Adopt a scalable and hassle-free platform for managing your Suricata IDS deployments.


With Lawmaker’s tenancy model you can easily manage different deployments from a single account while inviting users in a secure way.

Built for Teams

Use Lawmaker's advanced RBAC features to invite team members with different levels of permissions in a tenant-aware platform..


Lawmaker was developed to work alongside any Suricata deployment. By making use of the default configuration files transitioning to Lawmaker is a seamless and easy process.

OEM Integration

Leverage Lawmaker's partner integration features to seamlessly embed our service into your offerings, bypassing the subscription model and unlocking extra benefits.

We let our certifications speak for themselves

A new approach to a trustworthy security practice

Signature Validator

Through its built-in rule creator and validator, you can easily submit a rule and have it validated before being delivered to your sensors. Ideal for emerging threats or for testing a signature in a particular tenant before deployment to a wider fleet.


Lawmaker tenants allow for a wide range of options in configuring your account. From different customers to separate configurations within the same deployment.

3CORESec Ecosystem

Integrate our specialized hardware or 3CORESec's Suricata signatures with Lawmaker for robust protection against emerging threats.
our approach

The leading SaaS developed for scale and ease of deployment


Invite your team or customers to one or more tenants, allowing easy switching between them.

Secure Access

Through its multi-tenancy and RBAC features, Lawmaker allows for precise access control.

Hardened Integration

Lawmaker utilizes a least-privilege approach to interact with sensors through its open-source minimal agent.